Dear Goatleg users,

As you probably are aware, Bricklink has been purchased by the Lego Company. We all hope Lego will provide Bricklink with the stability and funding to bring much-needed improvement to the site, including in the area of search functionality.

This project came about as a way to contribute to the Bricklink community. Many of you have shared your feedback and helped make it better, but the hope from the beginning was that Bricklink would itself make the catalog and search function better serve the needs of its users and make Goatleg obsolete.

It has been nearly five years and little has happened. Even more frustrating is that many of the changes that have been made in that time, in my opinion, have moved Brickink further away from what users actually need.

So I have decided to find other ways to contribute to the Lego community without wasting energy trying to help Bricklink, Ltd. I will not be continuing Goatleg in its present form.

Below are links to text files that contain basic versions of the torso, head and decorated parts search tools. Right-click on the file you want to download and select "save link as..." (or whatever similar phrase is used by your browser). Change the .txt extension to .html and save it to your computer. You should then be able to open the file in any browser and use it locally on your computer. I will keep these links here for a while to give people a chance to save them.


If you want to tackle creating your own search function, Bricklink user mfav has posted a tutorial here: Make your own custom search.

If you use my files to create another online tool, please do the right thing and give some credit to the original builder like you would with any MOC. Likewise if you use mfav's method, the right thing is to give him credit.