Dear Goatleg users,

I have decided to find other ways to contribute to the Lego community without wasting energy trying to help Bricklink, Ltd. I will not be continuing Goatleg in its present form.

Thank you everyone who has contacted me asking about Goatleg. There are some options below if you would like to keep using some of the tools.

One option is to contact the person in charge of the catalog at Bricklink and ask him why some of the most popular items in the catalog are so difficult to find.

Goatleg is actually just a shortcut that brings several of Bricklink's existing search functions into one form that saves a lot of browsing and typing. It would be possible for Bricklink to put these shortcuts on their own page today and they would work exactly the same as they do here. It's basic HTML and would require no additional programming.

Some other options:

Bricklink user Andersv is hosting the basic tools at

Below are links to text files that contain basic versions of the torso, head and decorated parts search tools. Right-click on the file you want to download and select "save link as..." (or whatever similar phrase is used by your browser). Change the .txt extension to .html and save it to your computer. You should then be able to open the file in any browser and use it locally on your computer.

Note that Bricklink has recently changed the color names of several colors that include the term "flesh." These files are from before that change and will need to be edited to reflect the name change


If you use my files to create another online tool, please do the right thing and give some credit to the original builder like you would with any MOC.